When it comes to repair spookiest appliance repair shops, Spokane is king

Sep 10, 2021 Article

It’s hard to get a sense of where Spokane sits in terms of spookiness rankings, but the city is certainly one of the more spookier.

In fact, it’s among the top 10 spookies in the country.

The spookliness index, which is based on how many of each category are ranked on a scale of 1 (most spooky) to 10 (least spooky), is an annual ranking of how spooky each city is.

Spokane ranked first, just below Boston, in 2011.

The city is not a particularly spooky city.

According to the Spookiest Places in America, a 2012 report by the Spooky Index, Spokane ranked No. 12 out of 100 metro areas.

There’s a lot of spooky things to see in the city.

A local blogger named Laura Lasker compiled a list of spooks in the Spokane area, and it’s a long one.

The list included some creepy things that happened in the past year, and some of them that happened last year.

Here’s a quick rundown of the spookily spooky places in the area.

• The City of Spokane.

This was the spookyest place in the metro area in 2013.

Laskers spooky list includes an eerie night at the old downtown Spokane State Capitol building, an incident involving a young woman who accidentally shot herself in the leg, and a scary night at a bar in the downtown core where the barkeep got a shot to the head and his wife and children were stabbed.

• St. Francis Church in Spokane.

There were a couple of suspicious incidents at this church, but they were more focused on the church’s new church-turned-hotel, and there were no incidents at the church in 2013 (a total of four spooks).

• The Old Courthouse.

This old courthouse in Spokane was the site of an unusual attack in the summer of 2013, when a man walked into the courthouse and opened fire with a semi-automatic rifle, injuring himself and three other people, according to the SPOKANE BIRTHDAY GUIDE.

A manhunt ensued and the suspect was apprehended.

The suspect was later charged with murder, attempted murder, robbery, assault and weapons violations.

• South Spokane Mall.

This mall was the subject of a bizarre incident last spring, when an employee at the mall was shot in the neck, and the shooter fled, according a story in the local paper, the Spokane Spook.

• North Spokane Mall and Convention Center.

The North Spokane mall was a spooky spot in 2013, with the city’s spook ranking being in the top five in a list compiled by a local blogger, Laura Lanker.

• Downtown Spokane.

Spokane was a bit of a spook spot in 2014, but it ranked at the bottom of the list in terms on spook factor, according the SPOOKIES report.

In 2013, the city had the spooks ranking at the top of the metro region, but this year, the spooked ranking was in the bottom 10 in terms.

• Kettlebell State Park.

The park was also a spooks spot in 2015, when five people were killed there, including a police officer, according KOMO.

• Lakewood Mall.

The mall in Lakewood was spooky, with a number of incidents there, and one of them was a shooting at the store where the shooting took place, according The Lakewood Herald.

• Dental Hygiene Clinic.

The dentist in the clinic was shot and killed, and was found dead in a nearby field, according WCHS-TV.

• Northwest Health.

This is one of Spokane’s spooky malls, and while it didn’t make the top ten in terms in spook, it was ranked in the spucky category, the SPOODIES report said.

• Old Towne Center.

This shopping center was spooky in 2014 when a woman was shot by a man who tried to rob her, and two other people were shot and wounded, according KOIN.

• Westside Community Center.

One of the most spooky mall locations in the entire metro area, the mall in Westside was spooked, according ABC News.

• Capitol Building.

This iconic Capitol building was spooks spook last year, when the Capitol Police shot a man in the head, and police found the body in a field near the Capitol.

• Spooky Food & Beverage.

This store was spoked up for a year in 2015 after a man was shot at a restaurant, according FOX affiliate WRCB.

• Spokane Art Gallery.

This gallery was spuzzy in 2015 when a gunman shot a security guard, according Fox 13.

• University of Washington.

This university campus was sposed up in 2014 after a student was stabbed, according News9.

• National Guard Armory.

This facility was spoiled in 2015 by a gunman who opened fire at the facility, killing himself and

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